Sales: Neopentyl glycol diglycidyl ether (epoxy diluent 5412)


Against the goods: the same at home and abroad EpodL-749, G78, JX-022, epoxy 678

1. Description
D-678 Neopentyl glycol diglycidyl ether, neopentyl glycol by dehydration reaction with epichlorohydrin formed, non-irritating odor, boiling point greater than 150 ℃, molecules containing two epoxy groups, take part in curing reaction to form a chain and mesh. Dilution effect with the single-ether considerable. However, after curing resin tensile strength, anti-bending strength, compressive strength, impact strength and other mechanical properties as well as the adaptation period are better than single-ether resin curing. Epoxy resin as a reactive diluent in the same temperature under the conditions of epoxy resin and curing agent to reduce the reaction activity. Are widely used in flooring, solvent-free coatings, laminates, adhesives and transparent epoxy casting system and the electrical ring forming oxygen system. As a cellulose fiber finishing agent can increase flexibility, fastness, alkali resistance, dyeability, etc., can be used for cotton, hemp, wool silk and other fabric finishing. Can improve the tensile strength fibers.
2. Molecular formula: C11H20O4 Molecular Weight: 216
Diglycidyl ether of neo-Pentyl glycol

3.   Structure

CAS No. :17557-23-2

4.General properties


Test method or condition



Visual inspection

Light yellow to colorless transparent liquid

Specific gravity

25 g/ml





Epoxy Value

eq/100 g





Chlorine can be saponification value eq/100g


Boiling range


5. Use
Mainly used as a reactive diluent in epoxy resin. Dilution effect of epoxy resin, volatile low, on the curing properties of the impact of small objects, mainly for Epoxy Floor Coatings, concrete repair and so on. .
4. The amount of
General amount of epoxy resin 15 ~ 35% (weight ratio). Because of D-678 contains epoxy groups can react with the curing agent, which when used must be a corresponding increase in the amount of curing agent.
5. Packaging and storage
5kg plastic pail or 180Kg iron drum packing. Sealed to preserve.