Sales:Butyl ether (epoxy diluent D-501, BGE )---- (butoxymethyl)-Oxirane;Butyl epoxy propyl ether 660;1-butoxy-2,3-epoxy-propan;1-butoxy-2,3-epoxypropane;2,3-epoxypropyl butyl ether;3-butoxy-1,2-epoxypropane;ageflex bge;bge;butoxymethyloxirane;butyl 2,3-epoxy propyl ether

Molecular formula: C7H14O2
Molecular Weight: 130.18
Boiling Point: 166 ℃

1. brief introduction:
501 epoxy resin active diluent chemical name for the butyl ether of propylene oxide and epichlorohydrin by the Department of butanol etherification open-loop re-oxidation by the closed-loop system of a glycidyl-type epoxy diluent molecules containing live ether key and epoxy, epoxy resin dilution effect, curing time involved in curing to form a homogeneous system, are commonly used epoxy resin reactive diluent.

Traits Description: colorless transparent liquid. Relative density 0.915, boiling point 164 ℃, refractive index 1.420, flash point 59 ℃. Soluble in acetone; benzene; alcohol, insoluble or hardly soluble in water.

Production methods: by the alcohol and epichlorohydrin as raw materials, was synthesized by two steps. Specific process is: 32kg to 267kg and butanol concentration of 96% of concentrated sulfuric acid reactor add, stirring, heating to 55 ℃, epichlorohydrin dropwise 324kg, temperature control at about 55-60 ℃ increasingly 4h, and then at 60-65 ℃ insulation 2h. Then, cooling to 45 ℃, slowly add four chloride with n-butanol mixture (5kg tin tetrachloride in n-butanol soluble 5kg), and then heat at 60-65 ℃ reaction 4h, reaction after vacuum distillation recovery unreacted epichlorohydrin and of n-butanol until the temperature reaches 85-95 ℃, under vacuum 93.1kPa epichlorohydrin and alcohol-free until steamed out. Be Epichlorohydrin-butyl ether. Response to the above-mentioned materials to cold 30-35 ℃, dropping 30% of the sodium hydroxide concentration of 432kg, plus about 4h End, and then warming to 35-40 ℃ and heat reaction 3h, and then add pure benzene under stirring at temperature to release out saline and alkaline, and then washed so that pH of about 6.5-7. Release washing water, atmospheric warming from benzene, until the liquid temperature to 140 ℃, then cooled discharge. Two-step to the total yield of about 95% butanol.

Purposes: the goods can be used for bisphenol A epoxy resin reactive diluent. Toxicity in small and easy to use. And can improve some properties after hardening resin, such as impact strength.

2. molecular formula: C7H14O2 Molecular Weight: 130.18

3.structural formula

CAS :2426-08-6


Colorless transparent liquid, with smell, the proportion of 0.87 (low toxicity).

Epoxy value (eq / 100g): ≥ 0.53
Viscosity (25 ℃): 2 ~ 5mpa.s
Organic chlorine (equivalent / 100g): ≤ 0.02
Inorganic chlorine (equivalent / 100g): ≤ 0.005
Flash ignition (℃):> 150


     Can be widely used in electronics, electrical, electromechanical, mechanical industry, to reduce viscosity of epoxy is suitable for potting, casting, impregnating applications such as technology, can also be used for adhesives.
Friday, storage, transportation and Cautions:
  1. Such products as non-dangerous goods, as a general storage and transportation of chemicals, product packaging, see barrels of storage period.
  2. Please light, ventilation, dry storage environment.
  3. This product is in use, the packaging of the goods remaining to tightly to prevent moisture absorption.
 7.packaging specifications
   Plastic packaging for 200kg in metal containers.