2316B Hardener


 I. Introduction:
2316B epoxy curing agent is a special Amine (Amine) denaturation of synthetic resin with curing agent, a low viscosity, surface anti-moist, and thin film surface gloss excellent, excellent chemical resistance for solvent-free coatings and irrigation sealed with adhesive. With the epoxy resin is mainly used with solvent-based paint free, transparent jewelry materials, electrical insulation parts potting.

1. Viscosity (BH type CPS/25 ℃) 350-450
2. Colority: (G / H Law) <3
3. Amine value 310 ± 20
4. The proportion of 1.05 ± 0.02/20 ℃
5. Active hydrogen equivalent (AHEW) 100
6. The weight ratio (with E-51) 2:1
7. Packaging Specifications:
180KG / drum or 5KG / barrel (packaging), every 4 barrels / boxes

Note: The above performance data for the product in 70% humidity, the temperature at 25 ℃ typical testing data for customers reference and can not guarantee that in a particular environment can be achieved when all the data. When your customers use to the measured data