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PU series of flame-retardant properties of packaging materials:
Has excellent electrical insulation properties of flame retardant UL94V-0 class, excellent adhesion, resistant to high and low temperature impact (-40 degrees to 150 degrees)
Suitable for mechanical and manual packaging, products widely used in capacitors, transformers, ignition modules, such as electronic components of the package.

First, A series of flame-retardant PU Packaging Materials

Kind of Color Features Hardness DOC
W-586A/586B PU potting Materials Black or gray Flame-retardant, control panel, filters, ignition 85±5A -
W-386A/386B Black Flame, ignition, circuit board, pixel pipes; high elasticity, anti-seismic for manual 45±5A -
4500PA/PB Polyurethane casting system Black

Used for casting of electric unit such as transformers, capacitorsfilters etc

  1. 4500PA/PB Word doc

  2. [MSDS]

Second, Non-flame-retardant PU Series Packaging Materials

Kind of Color Features Hardness
4050A/4050B Light yellow Control panel, the volume ratio of 1:1 47A
W-3071A/3071B Black Cable, cable joint closure cold; curing speed 8 ℃ 85A

Third, Crystal Glue Series,

Kind of Color Features Hardness
4030A/4030B Domes Resin Colorless, transparent Signs, crafts, outdoor electrical light package, anti-yellowing variability, hand, machinery can be operated at room temperature curing, curing speed adjustable 75±5A
W-2188A/2188B Colorless, transparent Handicrafts, light package components, forming curing speed, excellent anti-yellowing degeneration 65D

Fourth, Glue and PU Adhesive,

  1. 2506 PU Adhesive For Magnetic Core Fixing


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